“Connecting communities through safety in communication and travel while supporting positive environmental sustainability.”
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Bluff Commons is our local instance of a Commons Community, an online platform that provides our small rural towns with a local online infrastructure -- “information plumbing” -- to help it prosper, by connecting members with tools to carpool, organize and communicate in life easily and safely.

Right now, if you want to know what events are happening or who is selling what we get an email from Lois Young (who by the way is incredible at this!). But this email only stays in the smaller Bluff community and often does not reach everyone who would benefit from the information.

Postings at the gas station or Post office are helpful, and we could still use more direct information about events and happenings. Understand that this Commons platform is not meant to replace these things, only to compliment them by acting as a place for information and coordination to generate and be found easily by all members.

We travel the same roads, and shop at the same stores. We celebrate together and share in similar life events. Being able to coordinate these happenings to help one another as well as the climate is a win win! This is what the commons is all about.

Our “Bluff Area Commons” includes Bluff, Halchita, Mexican Hat, Tselakai Dezza, Montezuma Creek, Aneth, San Juan County's San Juan river valley, and Four Corners. -- there are no firm lines, of course -- it includes anyone who explains where they live as “near Bluff.”

Please take the time to watch “Around the Bluff Commons in 80 Seconds” video (to the right of this text) for a strong understanding of the tools available through the Bluff Commons. Also, play around in the Demo before signing up, and reach out should you have any questions.

Every Commons Town has a Manager (in this case, me, Kirsten Ewing) who is also coordinator and cheerleader.

Bluff is our community, and if you are a member of it, you should be a member of the Bluff Commons. Sign up now!

-- Kirsten Ewing
Manager, Bluff Commons
manager [at] bluffcommons.com

If you are NOT from the Bluff micro-region, please don't sign up (we aren't unfriendly, just local). Instead, try the Demo to see how this thing works, and then consider if you want to initiate a Commons Communities site for your village. It requires some time and effort, and isn't for everyone, but if you're interested in being an early Admin, send the founder (Michael Jensen) a query: manager [at] tatacommons.com.

Monticello, Cortez, Blanding, Durango, and more

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Around the Commons in 80 Seconds

Useful Documents:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Commons (20 Questions, Web page)
Member Guide to the Interface (8 pp., PDF)

For more info: michael@ruralcarpool.com